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IRS Form 8949 for 2020: Instructions & Printable PDF Template

All You Need to Know About 8949 Form

Today Form 8949 is used to report sales and other dispositions of stocks, mutual funds, and other securities. The IRS requires you to use it to track short-term gains and losses. It also helps you with tax reporting. You report any sales or other dispositions on IRS Form 8949 and report any cost basis information on Schedule D. 

Why is Tax Form 8949 Used?

In common, IRS Form 8949 for 2020 is a document that is used to report a taxpayer's gains or losses from a variety of sources, including securities trades, gambling, and other activities. A taxpayer must file Form 8949 to report any of the following transactions that result in gains or losses:

  • Securities and commodities 
  • Real estate
  • Gambling
  • Other

This form is used to list the different trades that a taxpayer has made and to calculate the gain or loss that they have incurred from each one. Itis used to calculate the gain or loss that the taxpayer has incurred from a particular trade.

Form 8949 is not used for reporting the sale of investment property. If a taxpayer has a loss from a security trade, they can only use Form 8949 to claim that loss if they have also filed Form 1040. If a taxpayer has a loss from a security trade, they must file 1040 as well as 8949 tax form printable or make it via online services.

How to Fill 8949 Form Instructions

Follow our step-by-step instructions to fill your 8949 form printable correctly and file to your local IRS.

  1. Start by entering the employer identification number (EIN). If you don't have one, you can enter your Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).
  2. Choose printable form 8949 is for reporting sales and other dispositions of capital assets.
  3. Enter the name and location of your company.
  4. Then add the name of a taxpayer and other information on document.
  5. Put the right date of needed transaction.
  6. Choose currency.
  7. Enter a description of asset and the date property was acquired.
  8. Then you should submit the date the property was sold or disposed of.
  9. Enter next information: the sales price, total gross profit, adjusted basis, gains from the sale of the property, total of tax, total of sale.
  10. Enter the date when property was acquired and the date when property was sold or disposed.

Please note. You need to fill form 8949 correctly with no mistakes in numbers, words and currency. You can do it online with our easy tool.

Generally, IRS form 8949 for 2020 is used to aggregate short-term or long-term gains and losses from individual securities trades. This document for taxpayers is also used to save a record of these trades and is a part of the IRS form 1040. Federal tax form 8949 printable needs to be filed for any individual who has more than $200,000 in short-term gains or $500,000 in long-term gains. It is not an annual requirement, but a requirement when there is a trade. Please remember that printable form 8949 in pdf is filed with Schedule D.

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